“As with most species, there exists no stereotypical manner that defines the Tiss’shar, though they are generally recognized as some of the best assassin and gunbeings credits can buy.” ―Tem Eliss, The University of Sanbra Guide to Intelligent Life
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The Tiss’shar were a species of predatory sentient reptiles from the planet Tiss’sharl. They were comparatively strong, dexterous, and intelligent, and possessed slender frames with long necks and short tails. Their mouths were filled with sharp teeth, and their eyes were dark and glassy.

Members of the species were well known for their considerable business savvy, and Tiss’shar businessbeings could be found throughout the galaxy. They were also known for their cunning assassins, who were sought after for their efficiency and business-like demeanor. Tiss’shar politics were dominated by the Tiss’sharl League, a group of successful business leaders who ran Tiss’sharl’s government. Tiss’shar politicians were known for their cutthroat practices, sometimes involving assassination of other members.

  • Racial Edge: +2 (Racial Edge -2)
    Orl-Ar: Acrobat (Acrobat Edge)
    Isk-Ar: Gearhead (d6 in Repairs)
    Ask-Ar: Nimble (d6 in Agility)
    Kal-Ar: Persuasive (d6 in Persuasion)
    Nil-Ar: Stealthy (d6 Stealth)
    Sil-Ar: Trustworthy (d6 Streetwise)
  • Natural Armor: +2
  • Darkvision: +1
  • Outsider:
  • Bloodthirsty:
  • Languages: Basic and Tiss’shar

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