“I ain’t no rodent! I’m more what ya call yer basic Lepus carnivorus—a meat eatin’, rocket ridin’ rabbit ta you junior!” ―Jaxxon, rebuking Warto
The Lepus carnivorus, more commonly known as Lepi, were a species of sentient rabbit, ranging in color from green to dark blue. Their most distinctive features were long ears and feet and buck teeth. Native to the planet Coachelle Prime, their high reproductive rate forced them to colonize the entire star system to avoid overcrowding. The Lepus carnivorus were typically gregarious individuals, although prone to bursts of anger if their family or species was insulted. Lepi were constantly in motion and were known for their speed.

The most famous Lepus carnivorus was the smuggler Jaxxon, best known for his part in defending a village on Aduba-3, alongside New Republic hero Han Solo. Along with six others, they repelled the superior forces of the Cloud-Riders. Other notable Lepi included the criminal Grubbat Fhilch, executed by Jabba the Hutt, and the Tatooine colonist Heff, killed by Jodo Kast.

Femail lepi

  • Thumper: The strong legs of the Lepi are capable of delivering powerful kicks, often used in fights to bludgeon their opponents. Kicking attack str+d6
  • Wide Eyed: The Lepi have large eyes—likely adapted for dark warrens—which give them sharp vision. That occasionally led to the misconception that Lepi consumed space carrots, which were known to improve eyesight. +2 notice rolls when listening.
  • Quick Like A Bunny: The strong legs of the Lepi are capable of great speeds. +2 to base speed and roll a d10 when running.
  • Mocked: They are quick to anger and prone to violence, especially in reaction to insults to their family or species. Their awkward appearance make them prone to mockery, and they are particularly sensitive to being referred to as rodents. Outsider Hindrance.
  • Fidgetty: The Lepus carnivorus have a very high metabolism such that they are virtually always in motion, giving them an appearance of flightiness. Quirk Hindrance.
  • Languages: Basic and Lepese

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