“I don’t know what it does—that’s the beauty of it!” ―Anonymous Chadra-Fan engineer

Tekli2Chadra-Fan are short, rodent-like humanoids, usually no more than one meter tall, with bat-like faces. They hail from the watery planet Chad.

Chadra-Fan have seven different senses—sight, touch, taste, sound, smell, infrared sight, and chemoreceptive smell—all of which are much more acute than Human senses. They are usually no more than a meter tall. The metabolism of Chadra-Fan is amazingly fast, allowing them to work almost constantly. They only sleep in two hour naps during the day. Because of their metabolism, the average Chadra-Fan matures by age fifteen and rarely live more than eighty years.

  • Mechanically Inclined: Chadra-Fan love to tinker with mechanical devices, often disassembling and reassembling them into something completely different. They begin the game with a d6 in Repair skill.
  • Hyper Alert: The Chadra-Fan race are small but quick witted creatures that resemble rodents. Their combination of infrared sight, hypersensitive sense of smell as well as keen hearing make them physically and mentally perceptive beings. Members of this race receive a +2 to all Notice rolls.
  • Sensitive Eyes: Chadra-Fan can see in low light and are able to see into the infrared spectrum.
  • Chemoreceptive: Chadra-Fan have chemoreceptive smell. They are able to determine chemical makeup of materials by scent. +2 to Notice skill checks using smells.
  • Bantam: Chadra-Fan are diminutive, about a meter tall. Characters subtract 1 from thier Toughness.
  • Isolation Aversion: Chadra-Fan do not handle isolation well. After each 24 hour period spent alone, a Chadra-Fan must roll a Spirit check or suffer Fatigue damage one level. Recovery is one level per hour of contact.
  • Hydrophobia: Ironically, Chad is a watery planet, but Chadra-Fans are deathly afraid of drowning and cannot learn to swim.
  • Languages: Basic and Chadra-Fan.

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